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Friday, June 22, 2012

Selecting a Coach: Tips from an Executive Coach

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(an excerpt of an article written by Bjorn Martinoff, Executive Coach, at

Coaches come is varying degrees of experience. Some have certifications but little experience, some have no certifications but tons of experience.

The best way to choose a coach is to ask people who have had coaches before and ask for their experience with their coaches.

The next step would be to take your new coach for a test drive to see if you're a fit. If after your first session you like your coach, you feel more empowered, and you feel your coach can make a contribution to your life and career, then go for it. Give it a chance. Some coaches will have packages available that allow you to sign up for a month to six months, or even longer. Usually the longer the commitment the better the price.

What do you need to do to prepare for your first coaching experience? All you have to do is be very open, be ready to share your reality as it really occurs for you. It is most important to be truthful to your coach. No coaching session is going to be successful if you're not telling the truth. So forget about making it sound nicer than it really is because you won't be doing yourself a favor.

The next important thing is to shoot for big goals. You don't need a coach for little goals, so don't bother. You can achieve little goals on your own.

I invite you however to take on large goals because the coaching will be worth your while and you will stretch yourself and in the process become more powerful and more successful.

Is coaching about getting rid of problems? Sorry to disappoint you here.... No coaching won't get rid of problems, never wish for problems to go away. Problems will go away eventually and that is when you are six feet under. With coaching you will be able to tackle larger and larger problems, while making it more and more fun. After some time you will be making fun at the problems you are having today. The things you call problems today will no longer be problems to you.

If Donald Trump were to become a Millionaire he'd feel dirt poor.

*Bjorn Martinoff is an executive coach specializing on Exponential Business Growth and Acceleration, Rapid Business Turnaround, Strategic Executive Coaching for senior leaders, Top Management Alignment, Employee Engagement, Strategic Planning, Exponential Organizational Development,
Leadership Development, Results Coaching, Management Consulting, High Precision Personality Profiling. His favorite executive coaching specialty is Long term Organizational Development and Coaching program with ROI. His programs have created an ROI between 1000% and 6000% in 95% of all cases. You may check his websites at: and/or For a FREE 30-minute coaching session with Bjorn, the Executive Coach, Click Here .

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